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We Provide:

Consistent, full time federal sales professionals

Federal government contracting and sales experience

Existing relationships in the federal government

Existing relationships with federal government contractors

Demonstrated effectiveness in federal sales


How Can GPM Help You?

Successful Marketing To Federal
, state and local governments is dependent upon experience and in-depth understanding of how these complex acquisition systems really work. That's why firms worldwide are turning to Government Procurement and Marketing (GPM).

The continually escalating demand for products and services by all levels of government has resulted in a lucrative market worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually. And because federal, state and local governments purchase virtually every type of goods and services, GPM has been privileged to represent a diverse range of clients - from defense contractors to software companies to security firms to engineering companies. Moreover, GPM has represented clients of every conceivable size from a million dollars in annual sales to several billion dollars.

Specific areas in which GPM can help your firm include:
  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Development of acquisition strategies to maximize your firm's competitive position
  • Direct sales to Government Agencies
  • Development of  indirect sales channels through established government contractors
  • Assistance in securing placement on Government Wide Contracts such as GSA Schedules
  • Assistance in developing contract bids and proposals
  • Support in contract negotiations
  • Ongoing assistance and liaison during contract performance

Many of our clients consider GPM their "government sales office" or "Washington office." The alternative - for your company to maintain its own office in Washington - is often very expensive and may have disappointing results since in-house employees are often not professional government marketers. 

Employing Both a Top-Down and a bottom-up approach to government marketing, GPM is your on-site representative to all levels of government, with in place marketing intelligence and established relationships that are critical to keeping your firm ahead of the competition. As such, GPM is able to work effectively with top government decision-makers, as well as with the nuts and bolts of the procurement process, and has led its clients to extraordinary success in their sales and marketing efforts.

Companies That Participate Successfully in the competitive government procurement marketplace are few and far between. The few that do succeed are those that take a professional approach, the foundation of which is hard work, in-depth research, long-standing relationships and a complete understanding of the customer's needs...

With its experience and credentials, Government Procurement and Marketing is one of those few.


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